Summer Workshop:
Discrete Dynamical Systems & Their Applications to Population Dynamics

Plot of RR data from J. An. Ecol.

Download Data

Once a full analysis of our experimental results has been accepted for publication, it is our policy to make the data available to other researchers. (By "full analysis" we mean a paper where a detailed analysis of all of the data can be presented, not the limited forums allowed by Nature and Science.) These data sets can be
downloaded from this page.

If you plan to use these data as part of a scientific study, we would like to hear from you. In particular, if you have suggestions for how we might collaborate on a novel analysis of the data or the design of a new experiment, feel free to contact us. Of course, we would like to receive preprints or reprints of any papers in
which these data are included.

Each data set is provided in its entirety in two formats:

  1. An Excel 4.0 spreadsheet (*.xls) with labels to indicate the variables and experimental treatments.
  2. An ASCII file (*.dat) where each census is a record (line) and individual data values are comma-delimited.

The spreadsheet (worksheet) is self-explanatory. If you download the ASCII data file, you must also download the accompanying ASCII text file (*.txt) which explains how the experimental treatments are coded. Click on the icons to download the files. Refer to the original publications for a description of the experimental
design and treatments.

Data from Dennis et al. (1995), Ecological Monographs 65: 261-281.

Type: Excel 4.0
Name: ecolmon1.xls
Size: 24,804 bytes

Type: ASCII data
Name: ecolmon1.dat
Size: 4891 bytes

Type: ASCII data
Name: ecolmon1.txt
Size: 1175 bytes

Data from Costantino et al. (1995), Nature 375: 227-230.
Data from Dennis et al. (1997), Journal of Animal Ecology 66: 704-729.

Type: Excel 4.0
Name: jae1.xls
Size: 66,622 bytes

Type: ASCII data
Name: jae1.dat
Size: 24,524 bytes

Type: ASCII data
Name: jae1.txt
Size: 1601 bytes

Data from Costantino et al. (1997), Science 275: 389-391.
(See also Desharnais et al. (1997), Science 276: 1881-1882.)
Data from Dennis et al. (2001), Ecological Monographs 71: 277-303.

Type: Excel 4.0
Name: ecolmon2.xls
Size: 85,800 bytes

Type: ASCII data
Name: ecolmon2.dat
Size: 26,731 bytes

Type: ASCII data
Name: ecolmon2.txt
Size: 1625 bytes

This work was supported in part by grants DMS-9306271, DMS-9319073, DMS-9625576, DMS-9616205, DMS-9981374, DMS-9973126, DMS-9981458, and DMS-9981423 from the U.S. National Science Foundation. All opinions expressed are those of the authors and not necessarily those of the NSF.

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